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Georgian Explorer

Aug 5 is waiting list only . There currently is room on all other dates 

Join us aboard the Georgian  Explorer / Georgian Ranger sailing out of Cedar Point. Some details this year are still to be determined but it is guaranteed to be the best bang for your buck. We have a few twists and turns this year to add a little more excitement. All the details are yet to be finalized but the dates are concrete. Sign up early to hold your spot because they are going to fly off the shelf!!!

Saturday July 8  board the Georgian Explorer for a traditional  three dive day

Saturday and Sunday August 8 and 9  aboard the Georgian Ranger. Pick one or both days. One day will be mystery wrecks you haven’t seen before. It’s a good bet these are not marked and we may have to hone our search and recovery skills.  ( approx. 60ft) , a true day of exploring. The other day we will do some shallower wrecks to be determined.

Saturday September 9 it’s an all day and night affair.  Three dives during the day and then we stop on an island for a corn roast. Once our bellies are filled we pack up and head out for a night dive!!!

Please fill out the submission form for the trip(s) you are interested in.

Cost of this trip:

July 8, Aug 5,  or Aug 6  $175

Sept 9 all day event $275 including dinner

$50 deposit required to  hold your spot 

 July 8 still room 
aug5,6,sept 9 full
waiting list available 



We still have room available!! 


Tobermory Weekend!  Aug 19,2023

We have a great weekend set up to enjoy Tobermory!

Camping is available at Happy Hearts Campground Friday and Saturday night.

Choose from rustic cabins, trailer and tent sites.

We will start Saturday morning with shore dives followed by an afternoon charter.


Charter  per person  $120

Camping  Approx.* 80-100 per person (includes a pot luck dinner, meat and confectionary supplied by TricityDivers&Beyond )

Please fill out the submission form to sign up for this trip. A $100 deposit is required to hold your spot. An invoice and  details on how to send in your deposit will follow.

*depending on the type of site, number of people and cars . See Kevin for details and more information. 


this trip is Full
waiting list available 


Wexford in Grand Bend July 29, 2023

Come out to Grand Bend to explore the Wexford. This is a two tank dive on Planet Express with only eight spots available. We have a morning and afternoon charter available 

Price is $125

Please fill out the submission form  to sign up for this trip. A $50 deposit is required to hold your spot. An invoice and  details on how to send in your deposit will follow.  

This trip is best suited for advanced divers.


Charter is full but we have a wait list so continue to sign up if you are interested 

this trip is Full
waiting list available 


Tiller PortDalhousie

Saturday August 26,2023

Come and explore the Tiller with Tricitydivers & Beyond.The Tiller is a beautiful and fragile wooden schooner 100′ long by 25′ wide.  The ship is in great shape and even features 2 beautiful masts, a gorgeous rudder, cargo holds, a picturesque bow, windlass, anchor and stove. The wreck is located only 6kms from shore, just a short ride from Port Dalhousie in St Catharines. Diver Level Minimum Advanced Open Water certified with cold water dive experience. Drysuit or good quality 7mm wetsuit recommended. Max depth 113 ft.Departure Fish & Game Club, 61 Lighthouse Road, Port Dalhousie. Please arrive at least 30 minutes prior to departure to load your gear. Departure time is 9:00am

Cost $110 per diver 

$50 deposit required to hold your spot 

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